Facebook Cigar Scammer Mike Spence

We came across with this Facebook scammer who has been operating succesfully for several months now. He steals the photos of cigars for sale from reputable sellers, posts them on his Facebook feed and shares the posts to various cigar club Facebook groups. If negative comments arise, he deletes them.

He also also creates questionaries using another fake profile on cigar groups like "What is the cigar you would buy if it was available" and as people comment, he DMs them with a secondary fake profile referring "Oh, I heard that Mike Spence have those up for sale - contact him!". If you do, he insists in having the payment via PayPal's "Friends and family" transfer so it's not covered by PayPal's purchase protection program. If a buyer transfers money, he deletes the original posts to cover his tracks.

Mike Spence's Facebook profile page can be found here:

(as the profile's URL implicates, his real name is not Mike Spence...)

Signs of a scam